Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Wyatt

My youngest turns one today. It's hard to believe that he is one already.

Trip down memory lane:
I remember his birth like it was yesterday. I still remember the nurse calling an IV tech in because they could not get the IV. I remember being taken to the surgery room and having the needle stuck in my back to numb me so they could do the c-section. I remember the nurses and anesthesiologist getting nervous because the doctor was not there yet to do the c-section. I remember feeling the pressure as the doctor cut. I remember how sick to my stomach I was. The anesthesiologist had to keep giving me medication to keep me from getting sick. I remember that first beautiful cry! I remember the tears rolling down into my hair while I stared in my husbands eyes after that first cry. I remember the amazement on his face when he heard boy. I remember his uttered words of "its a boy". I remember seeing his little face for the first time. I remember touching his little face and hands for the first time. I remember Wyatt opening his little eyes and looking at me for the first time. I remember them taking him to check him over. I remember his cries. I remember how daddy held his little hand for the first time while they were examining him and how he quit crying and stared at daddy. I remember his cries after daddy was pushed to the side. I remember being so impatient while being stitched up.

I remember finally being taken to recovery and being able to hold my son. I remember how quickly he latched on and breast fed for an hour. I remember his first bath. I remember right after that bath the nurse started talking about his breathing being fast. I remember being taken to my room and the nurse mentioning again about his breathing. I remember the NICU doctor coming in and asking me to try to breast feed Wyatt. I remember him saying he was going to take Wyatt to the NICU for 48 hour observation. I remember my son being taken away.

I remember seeing the IV's going from hand to hand. Knowing that my poor son was getting IVs changed twice a day because his veins were too small to handle IVs for long. I remember the staff telling me how the took x-rays and how they had to strap him down to do it. I remember the sadness at my son going through all this pain and fear and I couldn't be there holding him. I remember I couldn't see him until early the next morning. I remember holding him and being so scared because of all the tubes and IV lines. I remember how tired he was and how he had a hard time nursing. I pumped so they fed him in between the times I was there. I remember the doctor then changing the 48 hours to 72 hours. That's when I finally freaked out on the nurses. I demanded to know why it changed since he was doing better. The other NICU doctor had his rounds and the nurses demanded to know why it changed. He said the other doctor was mistaken. The x-ray was fine. I finally got my son back after 48 hours. Then I had total control of our lives. I stayed awake yet another night just so I could breastfeed him at all hours and just stare at him while he slept. Then I sent my poor son to be circumsized. My poor boy went through yet another nightmare. That is something I regret doing and something I will regret for the rest of my life. I remember getting him ready to go home after that and how he started bleeding bad. The nurses had to come in and apply a little pressure to clot the blood. What a scary start.

But he has done wonderful since then. The reason why he was placed in NICU was because he came out screaming. He swallowed birth fluids and the fluid was affecting his lungs. They were worried that it would turn into an infection so they put him on a strong antibiotic and kept a close eye on the fluid levels in his lungs. They wanted to make sure my son would live. It was hard at the time but I am thankful. It could have had a bad ending if the doctors and nurses were not so good at their jobs. If it wasn't for that nurse watching his breathing who knows what would have happened to Wyatt.

Now he is a part time walking machine. Part time walk part time crawl. I would have to say in less than a month he will be a full time walker. He is walking more and more everyday. He said Daddy for the first time today. He usually calls Troy dada. But today he said Daddy. Maybe that's because daddy bought us a new minivan today. Wyatt got a 2008 Town and Country for his birthday. Well, I guess it was actually mom got the new minivan but it was on his birthday.

I will post pictures tomorrow. I have to find the dvd that has the pictures on it. I might even scan the picture of me holding Wyatt the first time in the NICU. I was drugged out and crying so I'm not looking the best. I am actually looking pretty stoned in it. Yeah, they give you some feel good drugs after a c-section.

First born:

After first bath:

2 weeks old

2 weeks old with sisters

Brooke and Wyatt

Wyatt at 1 year old:


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