Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stormy weather

Thankfully today is quiet. We are getting rain sprinkles and very mild wind. Brooke's school is closed today. By looking at the weather today you would wonder why her school was closed. If you had been here Tuesday and Wednesday you would understand.

We have had a major wind storm here. Two nights in a row we ate dinner by candlelight. Not because we wanted to but because we had no power. Tuesday it was out for about 10 hours. Yesterday we kept having flashes until we ate dinner. Then it went out for an hour. It gets real annoying when you are trying to bake cookies for Brooke's Halloween party at school and the power keeps going out. It puts a real damper on a fun project. But Brooke and I laughed about it. The cookies took 9 minutes to cook and I had to reset the stove four times. We were also trying to use the dishwasher so we had to reset that many times.

I went to Brooke's conferences (which she is doing wonderful in school) and there were trees and branches down all over. I stopped in a gas station on the way home and they were closing. They had no power.

The girls found it funny watching the swings swing high. They thought ghosts were on the swings. I had to explain that it was the wind. They were fine until it was night time. But I got the wood stove going so it wouldn't get too cold in here.

The three kids and I survived the whistling wind storm just fine. Troy was missed and I could have used the extra set of hands but we did just fine. I cannot wait to see him this weekend.


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