Friday, September 17, 2010

Almost a year

Where has the time gone? Wyatt will be a year old in less than a month. They grow up too quick. He has been taking steps on his own for the last couple of weeks. Even though he is sick he took a step again today. Ok, let me correct that last statement....he just took 3 steps to the couch. He stood up and walked to the couch. Why do they have to grow up so quick?

Not only is he crawling and starting to walk he is also climbing everywhere. I cannot keep him off the kitchen table, coffee table, couch, chair, or toilet. If the bathroom door is open he goes to the toilet and grabs on to the lid and pulls himself up on the lid. Then he opens the shade a little and looks out. As for the kitchen table, he will push the chairs out or push them up to the table and then promptly climbs up. I put a kitchen chair by the coffee table to hopefully keep him off the kitchen table (which it did for a week) and he just climbed up on the chair and then lowered himself back off. He also pulls himself onto the coffee table and can also lower himself back off it.

My last one and he is growing up so fast. Where does the time go?


Tara said...

Hi Dawn, I am a new follower and I know all too well what you mean about them growing up way too fast! Sometimes I think to myself when cuddling with my nine-month-old "How did you get so big!", time has gone by way too fast her 1st birthday will be here soon!

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