Friday, September 24, 2010

Troy's surgery

My husband Troy had hernia surgery yesterday. An operation that should have taken about an hour dragged on for almost 2 hours. Seemed like it took longer to me. I was getting worried when the doctor finally came out and talked to me. Troy had more than just a hernia. The doctor said when he got inside he found that a part of Troy's large intestine was attached to his abdominal wall. So the doctor had to remove that and put it back in place before he could proceed. The way the doctor explained it to me it was like an incarcerated hernia. This is where a portion of the colon gets stuck in an outpouching of the abdominal wall. He found the hernia in the same area as the attached intestine. This is why Troy had major pain. He also found that Troy had just recently gotten over colitis. So the doctor took a look at Troy's liver (which is sometimes affected by colitis) and some other organs while in there to make sure everything looked liked it should. He told me everything looked fine and Troy would be feeling much better in a couple of weeks.

He is a little sore today. He is being a good patient though. No whining or crying and for the most part listening to me. He has come down the stairs a few times today and he's feeling it. Someday he will learn to listen to me. One day when he is in his 80's he'll look over at me while we are swinging on our patio swing and he'll say "You know honey, you were right 90% of the time. Why didn't I listen to you more?" OK, so maybe it's not 90% of the time. More like 89.9%. 

The doctor gave firm instructions on no strenuous activity for one week. He advised me to have Troy take it easy for two weeks and absolutely NO lifting of anything heavier than 10 lbs for at least 4 weeks. So poor Wyatt will have to be happy with mommy handing him to daddy. Daddy will not be able to lift him for a while. And I will enforce this 10 lbs limit. He will get yelled at if he decides to be superman. I love the man too much to let anything happen to him.

As to be expected the kids are not happy that they cannot spend much time with daddy. The girls understand and do ok. Wyatt is getting through it but he’s fussier than usual. He can hear daddy through the monitor and knows he’s upstairs but he cannot get to him. So he gets very cranky when he hears daddy.

The family also wanted to shout out a Thank You to Optimal Solutions! The company Troy works for sent some “speedy recovery” cookies from Cookies By Design. And they are awesome! I found their website a couple of months ago and wanted to buy some cookies to see if they were as great as people were saying. They are as great as what I was reading. I really like their Millionaire cookie. Tomorrow I’ll have to try an oatmeal raisin.

Oh, the next time you see or talk to Troy, ask him about the neon pink bandage. :)

Now, on to the pictures of the kids enjoying the cookie's!

Daddy and kids

Wyatt asking daddy if he can eat the cookie

Big sister Brooke holding Wyatt, Madison begging for a cookie, and Wyatt watching daddy.

The kids enjoying their cookies:


Curly Hairdo Ideas said...

I hope he's recovering ok! Yikes!

mmm, those cookies look delicious! Cute pics! :D

Umeda said...

I hope Troy gets better soon.
It's good you still have hopes of him listening to you, I have given up on that thought with my hubby. :)

Judith said...

Oh come on! As one wife to another, surely you're right more like 89.959% of the time! When you're in your 80s and sitting on that swing, you won't have much time left for false modesty, girl, so just admit it now!

Seriously, I hope your husband gets better soon. It sounds like he is in good hands with a good wife to take care of him.

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