Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And mom catches on

Poor Brooke. Three times today I have heard Madison telling Brooke to clean something up. So I would go into the room to see what is going on and tell Brooke to clean up the mess. I had assumed Brooke had made it. Well, I just caught Madison destroying a toy and telling Brooke to clean up the mess. That does not go over well with mom. Mom does not like her children being mean to each other. And here is Maddie Jean making messes and then telling Brooke to clean it up. So a very upset mom tells Madison to clean up the mess. She gives me the evil look and says "NO, Brookie clean it up!". I give Madison the "mom" look and tell her since she made the mess she will clean it or she will get in trouble. She smiled and cleaned it up. KIDS!


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