Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why the fascination

Why the fascination with Dora the Explorer? Madison is obsessed with Dora and Diego. For those that do not know, Diego is Dora’s cousin. Brooke and Madison walk around and say some words in Spanish. I have to stop and figure out what they are saying. I guess I better start paying attention to Dora so I know what they are saying.

Wyatt has decided to make it a game to hold his arms out, stick his little tush out, and stand up. He has been doing that more and more the last couple of days. I cannot get pictures of it because he gets so excited by the camera that he falls. The little guy loves the camera. He’s sitting at my feet fussing because he is ready for bed. I was busy with a twitter chat so he missed his bed time. Bad mom! Off to take him to bed. Night Night all!


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