Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cranky baby today

Wyatt is cutting his first tooth. Well, his first two teeth. Both bottom teeth are coming in. So without thinking I grab the kids and go out school clothes shopping for Brooke. Brooke and Madison both got haircuts. As we were picking out styles Grandpa showed up. So the shopping trip started out great. Wyatt loves my dad. So they played while the girls got their haircuts. Then we went to Subway and ate. That went well until the last 10 minutes. Nothing Grandpa or I did was ok with Wyatt. It went downhill from there. All Wyatt wanted to do from then on was fuss. We made it through the shopping trip (my sanity is still in question though). I have to exchange some jeans because they were too big. We ended up just grabbing size 7's and checking out. Well, the size 7 jeans are too big. So a return trip is in order. For sanity sake I will have to pick a day when Wyatt is in a better mood.


Melanie said...

Followed from Diaper Swappers!

jenn0350 said...

Have you tried the Amber teething necklaces? I've heard they work wonders. I am getting some ASAP!!

I posted the thread on DS, mommyhood22.blogspot.com.!!

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