Saturday, August 14, 2010

First tooth

Baby Deer (that is what Madison calls Wyatt) is finally cutting his first tooth. He has been fussier the last couple of days so I checked his gums. There were other signs too. Like I was feeling some pain too while breastfeeding, his nonstop drooling, and of course the biting everything in site.

Now comes the fun of the girls running around screaming because brother is trying to bite them. And yes, it has already started. He has bit Brooke a couple of times. She laughs right now because the tooth is just starting to come through the skin. But in a couple of days she won't be laughing. I am hoping it will be as easy to teach him not to bite as it was the girls. Brooke bit me once and Madison was a little more stubborn. She bit Brooke and I a few times. Wyatt and I have already had our differences when he was breastfeeding and clamping down as hard as he could. I would scream and he would laugh. After 15 minutes I had to put him on the ground and let him scream for 5 minutes. Then he was fine. I foresee many bites in our future before I can get him to understand that biting is not allowed in this house.

I just realized that Daddy hadn't been bitten by the girls....will he escape the teeth this time? We shall find out!


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