Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation break

We have been on vacation. This is the first time in 7 years that we have taken a vacation. We went down to the father in laws house on the lake. The kids had a blast. They went out fishing with daddy on the boat a few times and fished off the dock. I think catching frogs was the big highlight for them.

I got to meet up with my Aunt that I have not seen since 1997. The last time I saw her was at my moms funeral. It was a bittersweet meet up. It was wonderful to see her but there was sadness at the missing of my mom. So many memories came rushing back when I saw my Aunt. Wonderful memories! My kids loved meeting with her. They have decided to call her Grandma because she is so special.

Here are some pictures from vacation. Sorry about the picture quality. I took the pictures with my phone camera.

Usually I cloth diaper but I decided to use disposables while visiting relatives. Here is a picture of Wyatt in one of the new blue jean Huggies. I am not a huge fan of disposables but I have to say they are cute. Here's the picture of Wyatt sporting his cool huggies blue jean diaper:


Dreamer13 said...

Cute pics! Your daughter looks like she has natural waves in her hair?! so cute!! :D :D

hehe - look at that, sposies are trying to copy the cloth cuteness! I guess they did a pretty good job. :)

found your blog from DS!

Beth said...

Wow look at how much they have grown! Great pics, even if they are from a camera phone LOL Miss chatting with you!

Dawn said...

Yes, Brooke does have natural waves. She used to be really curly when she was younger.

They grow up too quick Beth. They had such a great time at the lake.

I just looked at the top pic and Brooke is leaning over like that because Wyatt had just been pulling her hair.

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